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Just because your exercise routine gets interrupted when you attend or exhibit at a tradeshow, you don’t have to miss out on opportunities to keep the pounds off while getting healthier and more energized.  Just like at your local health club, start by getting ready in the locker room.

Of course for exhibitors, the “LOCKER ROOM” preparation should be a pre-show meeting two weeks before the show involving everyone on your team.

To avoid injury, you start your workout with a good “STRETCH.”  When planning for your tradeshow activities, go ahead and stretch your goals.  Reach out to attendees.  Push yourself until you feel it where you know your company is trying to achieve something.

OK, next exercise, it’s time to CRUNCH the numbers.  Sure in your mind you may dream of having ideal abs.  But the same way a smart workout is aimed at realistic objectives, your tradeshow budgeting also needs to be realistic.

Next up, take some “CLASSES.”  At the gym you improve by regular attendance at cardio, kick-boxing, yoga or boot camp.  At many tradeshows, you can vastly increase the benefit of attending by taking advantage of general sessions, breakouts, continuing education units, speakers and roundtables.  Even if the content in these ‘classes’ is familiar and known, it’s always good to “JOG” your memory and remind yourself of best practices.

When you’re working out at your gym, most of us are good about carrying water and “STAYING HYDRATED.”  Ditto on the show floor.  Convention centers are very dry.  Without realizing it, by staffing a booth for hours or walking “LAPS” on the show floor up and down the aisles your body and mind require extra water.

Whether you’re at the gym or exhibiting at a tradeshow, you want to sweat!   Exercise resulting in a good sweat is healthy.  “SWEATING” the details of your exhibit marketing program allows you to do the “HEAVY LIFTING” and meet the responsibility of representing your brand at a time and place where your best customers as well as best prospects are all present.

Grunting, loudly exhaling, encouragements from your spotters are all sounds one might hear at the club.  Similarly, on the tradeshow floor the organizations that get the best results “MAKE SOME NOISE.”  They are noticed, talked about, stand out and others want to emulate their results.

You can and will burn calories by building a tradeshow booth, walking the floor, participating in the golf tournament, or taking advantage of the hotel’s workout center.  And like your regular workout, when it comes to attending or exhibiting you should “MAKE IT FUN.”  Many should explore ways to “LOSE WEIGHT” by reducing the cost per hundred pounds of weight (c.w.t.) for your tradeshow materials as this will also save significantly on your drayage budget.

Working out can be a great way to “GET A LEAD” on your day and tradeshows are great ways to get leads that will propel your business further.


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