Hello Blogosphere!  CarolinaMarketer.com is a clubhouse for Marketing Professionals in the Carolinas seeking ideas and inspiration.  The people hanging out here crave an intellectual challenge but usually have too much “real work” to do to sit around and ponder existential crap.

So, if  CarolinaMarketer.com is a club for “The Marketers”  who can join?  Would the Product Managers be allowed in?  How about the Public Relations folks?  Could they actually be in the same club as “the Media?” What about Technical Writers or Corporate Communicators?  Would B-to-B members pay the same dues as B-to-C?

There is no ‘secret password’ or formal initiation process to be admitted into the clubhouse. Let’s just say that our ‘club’ will be inclusive versus exclusive.  After all, the debate and dissent over a true definition of ‘Marketing’ continues to evolve.

As the clubhouse fills up, we’ll share stories of integrated marketing campaigns and unique branding strategies.  We may share and profile a company’s success at a tradeshow or amazing results from a Direct Mail campaign – and what made the difference!

CarolinaMarketer seeks to showcase the work, the successes, the challenges and considerations of Marketing Professionals throughout the Carolinas.  Whether you’re in the Public or Private Sectors, the For-Profit or the “Not-For-Profit” arena;   responsible for ideas or execution, tangibles or concepts – CarolinaMarketer is a Blog for you..  Welcome to the club.

The staff members at Skyline Exhibits and Design will initially be updating and writing posts to engage the community in relevant conversations to help stimulate business in the Carolinas.

Here are the authors  at Skyline Exhibits and Design that will be some of the major contributors to Carolina Marketer:

Steve Hoffman – President

Tim Carter – Marketing Consultant

John Finnegan- Operations Manager

Katie Cottle – Project Manager

Allen Sandy – Creative Director

Rick Miller- Creative Designer

Ellen Hoffman – Controller

Megan Fischer – Marketing Consultant – Charleston

Van Kresin – Exhibit Services Manager

Josh Reed- Service Technician & Asset Management Supervisor

Michael Erickson- Service Technician

Casey Bolt- Sales Team Partner

Corey Schuerman- Marketing Consultant

Kyle Rogers- Marketing Consultant

Visit Often.  See you soon.  Whoever you are! We encourage you to hangout  and jump into the conversation!