Within the realm of “Marketing” we might include a product that needs to be created with a target audience in mind.  Marketers would work hard to understand the products’ features while communicating the same products’ benefits.

Perhaps external communications would seek to differentiate the product from its competitors and promote any unique selling points.  External communications would seek to create a value proposition:  “buy this and you can expect……”

Sometimes the messaging might take a negative slant:  “with the other ‘product’ you’ll only get…”  Too often, negative sells fail to propose a positive aspect of the product making the claim.

Proper marketing means the product must be right; the value must be created in the mind of the buyer, the packaging needs to be appealing without being too slick, the messaging needs to effectively be communicated and you’ll only know its worked if consumers’ ‘buy.’

To keep that product on the shelf for the long term the people, production and output leading to the product need to be efficient.  The product needs to live up to its claims.  Ideally, word of mouth positive support in the marketplace exceeds any negatives being shared amongst your consumer base. 

Whether on the commode or in the voting booth, people want to be confident in what they buy.