Clients, customers, patrons, consumers- so many names for them but the bottom line is without them we would have no business, no company, no industry. That concept should be obvious to us but sometimes we still need things to be put into perspective, don’t we?

It’s so easy to presume that our client relationships are going well and we are doing just what we need to do to maintain them. But are we really showing our clients how much we appreciate them? How much their business truly means to us and how much we want them to be successful? Brains on Fire President, Robbin Phillips recently posted a blog that included the line from their book– “Be famous for the people who love you for the way you love them.”

To me- that just says so much. What if what your company was renowned for was how well you treated your clients? All the marketing plans and paid advertisements mean nothing if your clients do not feel valued and even, special! If you can do that, all the marketing dollars in the world won’t be able to compare to the word of mouth advertising your happy clients will give you.

Steve Knox says “Victory in marketing doesn’t happen when you get New Customers, but when you connect with your Brand Advocates.” These are the happy repeat customers that are promoting your company and bringing you the new business on their own time! Mack Collier compared the marketing approaches of companies to the marketing approaches of rock stars. (Thanks to Robbin Phillips for the reference to this post as well in a Brains on Fire blog).

Rock Stars focus on the people who already love them- the brand advocates. “Brand Advocates have a strong sense of loyalty for the Rockstar, so they not only stay as customers, they go out and actively recruit New Customers, Existing Customers, and customers with Some Brand Affinity to buy from the Rockstar.” Most companies put a lot of focus on finding new customers. While there is nothing wrong with that, we also need to understand that by focusing on the people who are already loyal to us- we can strengthen the chances of continued business with them as well as the likelihood they will become a “brand advocate” (and do some of our marketing for us!)

So let’s find a way to make our customers feel special this week. Send a card, a nice email or voicemail, recommend a book you think they would enjoy. Try to connect with them in a way that will make them realize that you appreciate their time and interest in your company. Leave a comment with your suggestion and hopefully your success story on how your customer enjoyed that extra effort!