Stepping into the showroom was like entering a new world; a splash of eye popping colors, modern structures that surpassed human height, aesthetically pleasing lighting, and inviting space.

As I began the first day of my Marketing Internship with Skyline Exhibits & Design, I was inspired by the luxurious figures that surrounded me. My classroom marketing concepts came to life through the appeal, organization, and quality of the showroom.

My day consisted of meeting staff members from each department including Design, Service, Sales, and Project Management. I experienced a crucial ingredient of the company: an effective team that understands the need for comprehensive service. I witnessed the communication methods between each department within the company to produce a quality exhibit design. I quickly observed that the relationships between Skyline staff members and clients are the heartbeat of this company.

The most challenging aspect of my day was learning the lingo of Trade Show Marketing, a foreign language of its own. Words and phrases including I&D, Asset Management, CAD, and ROI scrambled through my brain as I attempted to soak in new terms. I&D services provide installation and dismantle of trade show exhibits that are offered to clients.

Asset Management is an additional service where Skyline maintains, stores, and ships exhibits for clients. Both of these services are offered to allow clients to focus on other aspects of the show. Skyline designers create CADs (Computer-Aided Designs) to translate a client’s brand into a three-dimensional environment. Skyline offers tips and training to increase a client’s ROI (Return on Investment). The Skyline staff helped me sharpen my knowledge of Trade Show Marketing lingo.

My day concluded by meeting Steve Hoffman, the President of Skyline. I learned three key aspects of working for Skyline: “confidence, enjoy the ride, and profit to generate investment in the business and help the company grow.” My first day was a successful blend of getting to know the staff, learning about the Trade Show industry, and observing the daily tasks of operation. I am looking forward to my semester with Skyline, and opportunities to have hands on experience with Trade Show Marketing.