Contrary to popular belief, the entire state of Ohio is not here at the Carolina beaches all summer.  I just met a salesperson from Ohio who has figured out a great approach to meeting many challenges we marketers face:  gaining attention; establishing a memorable and sustainable rapport, and making her personal ‘brand’ somewhat unique.

Her Secret?  Dogs.

The door to her office is covered with photos of dogs all owned by clients.  As the proud owner of a Maltese, I know many of us humans that are slaves to our pets would be honored for our four legged friends to earn a place of honor on her door.  So in the course a conversation with this “salesperson” if she learned I was a dog lover would it give us something to discuss?  Would it make me curious to both learn and like more about her – and ultimately her company, products and services.

So frequently we concentrate our marketing efforts on high tech and innovative wizardry.  Lets not forget human touch – or even the canine effect!