Color is one of the most important tools in a design. It is going to be the first thing to catch our attention; whether it is the first flower of spring or a billboard on the side of the road. They can subtly influence many areas of our person: our emotions, our appetites, our work ethic; etc. Colors also have meaning attached to them which can vary depending on the culture. In some cultures white can symbolize purity or cleanliness, but in the others it is related to death. Green can imply life and freshness; red can signify passion or danger. Clearly color communicates a variety of messages. With that in mind, I think it is interesting to see what colors Americans have been trending towards this year. According to the Color Marketing Group this year purple, blue; cooled down and grayed-out browns and grays; white, bright accents, mauve, and yellow are colors that are being chosen during 2009.

Undoubtedly this has been a rough year economically yet these colors, with the exception of the grays and browns, do not seem to suggest prevailing uncertainty amongst consumers. It seems that the colors are more hopeful and anticipate good things to come. Yes the browns and grays do reflect the reality that we live in, but the brighter colors mirror the mindset of the American consumer; that people have a more positive outlook. In my experience that seems to be one of the first steps in overcoming any hardship.