Hello Blogosphere!  CarolinaMarketer.com is a clubhouse for Marketing Professionals in the Carolinas seeking ideas and inspiration.  The people hanging out here crave an intellectual challenge but usually have too much “real work” to do to sit around and ponder existential crap.

Let’s just say the our ‘club’ will be inclusive versus exclusive.  After all, the debate and dissent over a true definition of ‘Marketing’ continues to evolve.

It actually started over a hundred years ago as a barroom brawl on Madison Avenue when some Account Executives were talking trash about the Creatives.  Another milestone in defining “marketing” came later on with the emergence of Product Designers.  The  Marketing Analysts and Merchandisers were pissed off.  It wasn’t pretty.

History and a mile high stack of organizational flowcharts show us that in corporations the world over the Sales Department and the Marketing Teams continue to sabotage one another’s coffee pots.  Similarly, at Advertising Agencies everywhere, Copywriters and Graphic Designers exemplify a relationship of ‘détente’ while engaging in spitball tactics.

So, if  CarolinaMarketer.com is a club for “The Marketers”  who can join?  Would the Product Managers be allowed in?  How about the Public Relations folks?  Could they actually be in the same club as “the Media?” What about Technical Writers or Corporate Communicators?  Would B-to-B members pay the same dues as B-to-C?

Try this at your next party:  lock a bunch of Marketers in a room and have them come up with a definition of “what marketing means to me.?’ Academic discussions in a classroom may yield theoretical definitions for marketing, but would they have practical applications?  Hey, even though we’re in Cyberspace we live in the real world – with real marketing challenges.

Should we define marketing ‘a la traditional “Four Ps” to include Product, Positioning, Pricing and People?  Would including ‘People’ exclude Viral Marketing?  Does including ‘Product’ open our marketing definition to engineers, packagers, lawyers (god forbid) and Purchasing Managers (ditto)?

As the clubhouse fills up, we’ll share stories of integrated marketing campaigns and unique branding strategies.  We may share and profile a company’s success at a tradeshow or amazing results from a Direct Mail campaign – and what made the difference!

Meanwhile, as guests arrive at the CarolinaMarketer.com clubhouse some of the initial philosophical mumbo jumbo marketing chatter:

•    Is the world getting smaller because I can watch TV on my cell phone or are ideas larger since I’m paying $10 to see commercials on giant screens in movie theatres?

•    Is the recent growth in Product Placement a reflection of mass audience diffusion or simply a return to sponsor exclusivity?

•    “Video didn’t Kill the Radio Star” and even with “57 Channels and Nothing On” YouTube has proven that a 500 Channel Universe is clearly not enough.

•    Thirty years ago MassComm  students were taught that Cable would kill off the Daily Newspaper.  Its taken a while, but that one is starting to play out.

•    This “marketing” stuff doesn’t offer a predictable timeline.  Nor does it guarantee results (ouch).  The “exponential on steroids growth” of Twitter may be telling us not only can things happen quickly – but, perhaps less is more!

As we launch our blog it goes forward with many questions and invites comments, critiques and case studies.  CarolinaMarketer.com seeks to showcase the work, the successes, the challenges and considerations of Marketing Professionals throughout the Carolinas.  Whether you’re in the Public or Private Sectors, the For-Profit or the “Not-For-Profit” arena;   responsible for ideas or execution, tangibles or concepts – CarolinaMarketer.com is a Blog for you..  Welcome to the club.

Visit Often.  See you soon.  Whoever you are!